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2015-02-18 07:58 pm
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I Was Here Once Before.. ((#1))

I was here once before.

As a younger teenager this was my favourite haunt, a place to spill overly complex metaphors and tales of small-town music festivals, a place to pretend I was the grown up author I aspired to someday be. This was my playground, where my awful writing was met with gentle critique and my introversion could be exhumed. It was armour of the poetic kind.

I returned here by accident, after reading an article on "The Importance Of Brand Recognition" and googling my go-to username. I was shocked to find this blog again, a document of all those days that seemed so important at the time and all those tragedies I thought so utterly insurmountable. It's odd how wrong I was.

The empty fairground made me sad though. In reality I abandoned this domain less than a year ago, but I feel so alienated from its contents it could have been decades. So in the interest of improving my writing and rekindling that obsession with documentation I used to have, I am here again.

Let it be a little more extraordinary than last time.

Stay Different, 
Your Skye